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Murder Mouth

Carcasses carcasses, I want to swallow dynamite

22 February
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abnormal psychology, abnormal religion, aborted fetuses, abuse, adbusters, adventure, aliens, arsenic, art, autopsies, baphomet, bats, beautiful losers, beauty, biology mutilation, black, black widow, blood, blood orgies, bloody mary, borderline personality disorder, branding, bruises, candles, causes of death, chat, chemicals, civil suicide, cloning, corruption, covens, cradle of filth, crazed, creativity, cults, curses, cutting, cyanide, darkness, darwin, dead babies, dead baby jokes, dead dolls, death, decay, desire, edgar allan poe, edith, embalming, entice, erzebet bathory, evil, eyes, funerals, george bush hate club, ghosts, goat milk, gothic, government, green peace, guitars, hiding behind masks, holidays, homosexuality, horror, ink, insanity, institutions, japanese suicide pacts, jelly beans, killing, knives, libraries, lilith, literature, love, madness, magic, marilyn manson, mass murderers, massacre, michael moore, mindfucking, mortuary science, movies, murder, mystery, new age, news, nirvana, non-verbal learning disorder, oleander, otep, pain, painting, passion, photography, piece of mind, poetry, poison, politics, rain, rats, reading, richard trenton chase, ritual abuse, roses, sadness, satanism, secrets, self mutilation, september 21, serial killers, sharp objects, silence, silver, six feet under, slaughter, state of confusion, stoical, supernatural, tainted love, the nightmare before christmas, therapists, tim burton, time, torture, ufo’s, ugly dolls, vampyres, violence, vulgarity, waste, water, white, witchcraft, wolfbane, women, writing, yearning, youth